European Commission Karate Club

European Commission Karate Club


Class Times, Location & Fees

Classes: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 13:15-14:15 hr


Rue Van Maerlant 2

At the corner of the Rue Belliard and the Rue Van Maerlant in Brussels. On the ground floor access to the sport facilities of the European Commission. Do not take the elevators - the upper floors are offices of the European Economic and Social Committee.

The dojo is 11 x 12m with a tatami (padded floor) and punching bags. Changing rooms with showers are available, there are separate changing rooms for men and women.

Access to the building

If you have a badge from the Commission or another Brussels-based EU organisation, you will have easy access to the training premises. Anyone else will have to be registered for access to the building by the Club secretariat.


1) Annual Full Membership: €695 per year, paid in advance at the beginning of the calendar year (inclusive of ETSIA/WUKF/insurance). Paying annually gives you a saving of €70 - we encourage you to take advantage of this!

2) Quarterly Full Membership: €180 per 3 months, paid in advance at the beginning of each quarter; plus €45 per year for membership of ETSIA/WUKF and insurance. Total €765.

3) Weekly Membership: If you are training only once per week in any given week, the quarterly fee is €90. If paid annually, the fee is €370 per year (inclusive of ETSIA/WUKF/insurance - a saving of  €35).

Bank Details

Please set up automated payments for the quarterly and annual fees. Bank account IBAN: BE63737045314908 in the name of EC Karate Club, BIC/SWIFT code: KREDBEBB.

The Club is not for profit, and all income is used in the interest of the Club. Board members are not remunerated.

Partner Agreement - Training with Blancke Academy Karate Club.

Full Members of the EC Karate Club are free to participate once a week in karate classes at the Blancke Academy Karate Club with Sensei Gunther in Uccle or Strombeek. This includes classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you would like to participate more than once a week, nominal fees may apply. Private lessons are also available.

*Please note that EC Karate Club Weekly Membership does not give reciprocal rights at other Blancke Academy Dojos, please enquire for separate arrangements.