European Commission Karate Club

European Commission Karate Club



A karate club for the EU institutions

Karate is a popular martial art and an excellent way to stay fit and develop confidence.

We teach karate in a safe, supportive and friendly environment in the European Commission dojo (training hall) in the European Quarter. 

We have a good mix of beginners and advanced practitioners, men and women, young (from 20’s) and old (up to 60’s). We have both athletes in their prime and members that have started to feel the strain of getting older. There is room for this diversity and the atmosphere is very congenial and respectful.

The training pushes the members to a higher level of fitness and a good command of self-defence, but safety is paramount. You develop your karate skills at your own pace.

We have a superb Sensei (teacher). The primary class language is English, and our Sensei also speaks French and Dutch.


The European Commission Karate Club comprises around 30 members of various nationalities who train up to three times a week. Class numbers vary but we are usually around 15.

The Club is open to current, former or retired staff members of the European Commission. We also welcome colleagues from other EU institutions, bodies and agencies based in Brussels. In addition, we can accomodate a limited number of members from organisations that are affiliated with the work of the EU organisations, such as colleagues from Permanent Representations, Diplomatic Missions or Non-Governmental Organisations.

Feel free to come and try it out

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